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HemoClinic is non-state medical facility with more than 10 years long tradition. The clinic is focused on outpatient treatment of all rectal diseases. We specialize in hemorrhoidal ablation and we also treat hemorhoids and rectal mucosal prolapses.

Hemerrhoids is very common term for hemorrhoids. It is very unpleasant rectal disease interfering with any daily life activities. This disease is unfotunately on rise among people. The frequency of occurence of any hemorrhoidal disease has markedly increased due to unhealthy way of life, stress,  bad eating habits together and sedentary jobs.

Hemorrhoids – outpatient treatment

Start treatment in time!

Early treatment of hemorrhoids is less complicated and it is possible to cure hemorrhoids by using modern painless methods. You prevent painful surgery and an hospitalization... more info

Information for patients:

What is the process of a medical examination at our clinic?

Firstly, our patient is informed about hemorrhoids causes and treatment. You will get detailed information about any and all contingencies of your medical findings and we will explain you particular methods of your treatment. You will also learn about possible complications what hemorrhoids treatment might bring… more information

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