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Frequently Asked Questions

Hemorrhoids treatment, patients FAQs

During our more than 15 years experience with hemorrhoids treatment but also with other rectal diseases, we received a lot of most repeated questions. We listen to you carefully and we prepared questions selection. In case you will not find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. I have a sore in my rectum

The rectal pain is a very common but not usual symptom. It indicates an acute hemerrhoids complication. It usually appears around anal fissures but it also can be an inflammation or trombosis. It is necessary to investigate where the pain comes from, what is its character and intensity. The medical examination is important for avoiding any other consequential causes and to set accurate treatment.

2. There is a blood in my stool

The presence of blood in the stool is a serious indicator for making a rectal examination to avoid any tumorous disease. On the basis of some further information about the patient as a type of bleeding, associate difficulties, age and results from rectoscopical investigation we indicate possible colonoscopy examination. It is dangerous to avoid doctor´s visit.

3. I have a nodule in the rectum

A rectal nodul can appear very early in life, in most cases it is not a hemorrhoid but draining mucus called rugs. This soft sac-like protrusion with different sizes is usually a cosmetic and hygienic incovenience. A patient doesn´t have to have any other problems. These protrusions can be located on one or more than one places. There is always a rule which says that what didn´t fit inside the rectum protrude outside of the anus. The solution is very simple, during patient´s visit we do an exam and we get rid off the inner part of the nodule by non-surgical measure.

4. There is a rectal outflow

The rectal outflow can be caused by many reasons and it is always important to make comprehensive examination. It usually depends on charcter of the outflow. It may be caused by one of many kinds of inflammations, rectal fistulas but also tumorous disease. Main part of these causes can be solved as an ambulatory checkup but some of the cases requires specialized surgical treatment. Therefore an examination is always necessary.

5. Anal Itching

The anal itching may have a lot of causes. The treatment is usually proceeded on different levels. But it is always connected with a mucus inflammation. The examination is necessary and the treatment can be individual.

6. Will the hemorrhoids treatment affect my life?

The outpatient treatment has a minimum affect on patients´daily life. An ordinary move or sitting are possible with any restrictions. However, we recommend to reduce cycling, horse-riding or weight lifting at least 5 days after the measure.

7. Regime recommendations after the surgery

Food – any diet is necessary, it is only recommended to avoid any spicy meals and reduce an alcohol consumption. It is important to be particular about regular and consistent stool – to avoid constipation and keep drinking regime. We also recommend to avoid anal sex and some physical activities mentioned above.

8. Can be the hemorrhoids tests painful?

The outpatient treatment is painless. The treatment is being proceeded in a zone not sensitive to human body. You can feel a touch, warm or cold but any pain. For the implementation it is necessary to install an aplication unit right into the rectum. This action can be perceived as a pressure. But the whole procedure is very quick and it only takes around 20 seconds. Even patients coming back to work directly after the measure can easily manage it. Outpatient hemorrhoids treatment is also applicable for seniors who cannot undergo an anesthesia.

9. What is the ambulatory hemorrhoids treatment´s rate
of success?

The outpatient hemorrhoids treatment´s success is very high. It is difficult to determine it in percentage but the number goes over 95%. The disease´s recurence is possible because it does not depend on a type of treatment but a type of hemorrhoid. Their grow cannot be affected though. The number of patients with enduring growth of hemorrhoids is cca about 15%. These patients regularly visit us once in 1 or 2 years. In case of any further grow, we get the hemerrhoids off and the patients is again without any problems.

10. Hemerrhoids or Hemorrhoids?

Hemerrhoids is a popularized term. The correct term is hemorrhoids which comes from Greek´s Haimorrhoides flebes. Both names, hemerrhoids or hemorrhoids describe the same disease.

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