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Medical exam process at our clinic

What does the medical examination at our clinic entail?

Profesionalism and discreetness

An open dialogue between a doctor and his patient represents the base of a successful treatment. Proctology HemoClinic provides high-quality level of medical treatment supported by professional background. We offer our clients a nice and relaxed atmosphere. It is very important for us to keep an open communication between a doctor and his patient thourghout all treatment phases.

Dialogue and communication between patient and doctor

The right communication between doctor and patient is an important milestone for successful treatment. The whole team of our clinic is very particular about open communication with every patient. We always insist on complete and clear explanation of each methods of treatment so they are understandable to our clients.

When patient enters examination room

The first step after patient´s arrival to the examination room represents an interview with doctor. His goal is to get maximum information about patient´s health problems. Then the patient is given all eventualities of his disease and treatment proposals. By the same time, patient will be informed about particular methods of treatment, their principle and possible complications which the treatment may bring.

Medical examination process

After the opening interview is patient inspected by using one-shot optical device. Due to its quality the examination takes only a few seconds and it is painless. Patient is then immediately informed about results. If the result allows and patient agrees, we can immediately start with first series of the treatment.

Further explanation of the medical treatment continues followed by an advice concerning diet and daily regime. An entire part of the first visit is also receiving contact to your doctor with his mobile number where he is at your service anytime.

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